by The Trap

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The drums [were] the first thing I noticed listening to Silence. Pulsating, pounding a persistent invitation to report to the dance floor. Layered on top of those infectious drums are strong melodies that flow effortlessly. Your ears will insist you’ve heard this before…maybe Interpol or early U2 but no, you haven’t heard it in this incarnation...

~Sammy Younan,


released July 21, 2012


All Music by Kevin Click,
Erin Melugin Davis, Jason Graham,
Jonathan Hansard and Jacob Hansard

All Lyrics by Kevin Click

Kevin Click - Guitar, Vocals
Erin Melugin Davis - Vocals, Percussion
Jason Graham - Bass, Synthesizers, Percussion
Jonathan Hansard - Guitar
Jacob Hansard - Drums, Percussion

Recorded by Art RockńRoll

Mixed by The Trap, Art RockńRoll

Produced by The Trap, Art RockńRoll

Mastered by Dana Gumbiner at Station to Station

Concept, Design & Photography by Dylan Sherwood McConnell

All rights reserved to visual arts and designs © 2012 The Trap and Dylan McConnell

All rights reserved to audio recordings ℗ 2012 The Trap ASCAP



all rights reserved


The Trap Nevada City, California

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Track Name: You Know and I Know
show me how fast you can dance
one, two, three and I'll take the chance
four, five, six and I'll hit the floor
and call as I'm crying out for more

//I'm just a shadow
//in a room full of giants
//I'm just a plaything
//in the arms of your science
//I'm just a shadow tonight
//I'm just a shadow tonight

you know I spin over you
you know I'm in over my head over you
you know and I know I sin over you
stick it out and take it on the chin over you
Track Name: Set You Free
what you need here in your heart I see
is the strength to lay me down and bury me
baby I ain't gonna let you go
no matter how many times you leave me low

//come on baby and
//take my hand
//lead me away from this
//cold and bitter land
//come on baby
//wait right here with me
//come on baby I'll
//never set you free

we were married in the summer heat
I lay flowers down here at your feet
the tree that broke away my flesh and bone
left me dreaming here, so far from my home
Track Name: Jesus Don't Feel the Same
I'm cracking like brown eggshells
I'm cracking like morning bells

//and Jesus don't feel the same way about me
//Jesus he don't want me to run wild and free

I'm breaking like windowpanes
I'm breaking like morning rains

I'm falling like winter ice
I'm falling on deaf ears like a mother's advice

//and Jesus don't feel the same way about me
//Jesus he don't want me to run wild and free
//Jesus don't want to see me walking on his golden floor
//and Jesus don't feel the same way anymore

I'm breaking like windowpanes
I'm breaking like morning rains
Track Name: Less of a Ghost
I'm buried in your sense of belonging
and your passion's dripping off my chin
I'll hold your face underwater
until I wash away your guilt and your sin

//darling, why are you crying
//don't you know this is God's country
//if you know what is good for you
//oh my sweet baby
//I sleep with my pistol
//here under your pillow
//and your sense of the truth

remembering your sense of compassion
it don't make you any less of a ghost
carrying your days here inside you
until you leave behind what you love most
Track Name: Anymore
my only inheritance
and all I find are
the sounds of your silence
where you can sleep
under the blanket of light
spilled out
across constellations

//well I'm not scared
//and I'm not beholden to you

and we alone remain
fading away into their eyes
into the mist
into the mist of their nights
Track Name: What it Felt
take me into the arms of your love
and your silence
take me under the knife of your wisdom
and your mercy
take away all of the peace
passing all my understanding
take me home
take me home

//we put our bowls out
//to catch all the raindrops
//we light both candles
//and wait til the pain stops
//I crushed my hand with your
//hammer to see
//to see how it was
//what it felt to be free

I never cared about the choices you make
I only bleed in the places you break
whenever I see your face in the sun
it only keeps me from turning to run
and I never turn from the way that you breathe
I only learn from the way that you move
beneath me
beneath me
Track Name: Winter
your winter claws in me
in your dress of evergreen
my fingers they scratch at the memory
the memory

your cries rain over me
in your robe of earth and sea
my fingers they scratch and seek to please
baby please

//if you lay your hands on me
//I will resist you bitterly
//or just let me be
//let me be

you've got blood on your fingers
you've got dirt all over your face
and you make my blood boil over
clean your fingers in my disgrace

//if you lay your hands on me
//I will thank you bitterly
//or just let me be
//let me be